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If your mortgage lender told you, you need to take out life cover with them, you may be paying vastly over the odds for this cover.

We have access to over 150 products from 35 market leading providers, by switching insurance company you can get the same cover, and it could save you thousands over the life of the policy. If you already have a policy, of need one, we can help.

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What is Life & Critical Illness Cover?

Critical illness with Life cover pays out a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness that meets the policy definitions. With many different definitions within different providers it is essential you seek professional advice.

What is income protection?

Your income is not guaranteed for your working life, and it is worth thinking about the unexpected, a long term illness or a bad accident, are the real possibilities.

This is where income protection insurance comes in. Whether you have already got a policy, or need one, we can help.

With a regular income from your employment coming in and a roof over your head, and with all the day-to-day concerns to deal with, it’s easy to think from one month to the next and not even bother to think what might happen in one, two, ten or twenty years.


Could you company cope with loss of a key executive or key employee?
Who will lead the company when the MD retires?
What if your top salesman or partner becomes permanently disabled?

Mortgage Adviser UK can help with companies of all sizes with their essential business assets with Key Man insurance.

Protect your business today


For overseas home & property payments. We believe in making the whole foreign exchange process easy to understand and simple to do. Whether you are buying an overseas property for investment, retirement or holidays make sure that you do not forget the importance of foreign exchange.

Increasing your spending power
Saving you money
Tailored to your circumstances?

Selling is as important as buying.


If your wife died, who would look after the children?

Who would do the school runs?
Who would iron the shirts?
Who would do a million and one things around the house you do not even know needs doing?

You would need to hire some help if she died and having the cover in place gives you the choice to work and employee an Au Pair or stop work and see if you can do it yourself…

You need life and critical illness cover on your wife


If your husband died, who would wash the car?

Who would empty the bins?
Who would cut the grass?
Who would do things around the house that you want doing?

You would need some hired help if he died and having the cover in place gets all the jobs done when you want them done.

You need life and critical illness cover on him.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loans secured on it. Think carefully before securing other debts against your homes. Buy-to-let (pure) and commercial mortgages are not regulated by the FCA